Spare change any one!

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Spare change any one!

It looks like there may be another record set as for the first time in 
2020 a pigeon being auctioned has reached over the 1.3 million euro 
mark. The pigeon in question is called “New Kim” currently owned by Hok 
Van De Wouwer of Belgium and is being sold on the PIPA.COM website.

It is expected that the champion pigeon will eventually find its way to 
China where in recent years there has been a massive spike in the 
interest in racing pigeons.

New Kim is responsible for many top performances including:

1. Nat. acebird great middle dist. KBDB 2018
       2. Nat. Chateauroux – 17,281 birds 2018
       12. Nat. Argenton – 16,496 birds 2018
             4. Nat. Zone Argenton – 4,990 birds
       21. Nat. Chateauroux – 12,855 birds 2018
       52. prov. Blois – 2,923 birds 2018
       95. Melun – 973 birds
       165. prov. Le Mans – 1,315 birds 2018

New Kim is also bread from good stock with national winners throughout 
her family tree.

At 1.2 million euros the current record is held by a pigeon by the name 
of Armando who was sold in 2019 and agin was sold to pigeon enthusiasts 
in Asia.

Pigeon racing has been effected in may ways over the past 12 months with 
the arrival of Covid19, what is clear is that it has not effected the 
demand for champion racers and the price that New Kim is currently at 
defiantly supports this.
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