Hall of Fame

Welcome to the Show of the Year's Hall of Fame

where the champions of the past are remembered and celebrated

All of the pigeons shown here have either been crowned Supreme Champion or Best in Show, and we continue to recognise these tremendous birds and the efforts of the owners, who have been able to present them in the very best quality.

We hope you enjoy looking back through the past champions, and we look forward to welcoming new champions in the future.

Supreme Champions

To qualify for the Supreme Champion Class, the bird must have won Best Show Pigeon or Best Racing Pigeon at any show of racing pigeons or show racers in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The show must have been held over the previous twelve months, and had a minimum of 400 pigeons exhibited on the day of the show.

These birds are brought together at the Show of the Year, and the winner is crowned Supreme Champion of Great Britain and Ireland, and gains national and international recognition, both within and outside the pigeon fraternity.

Best In Show

To qualify for Best in Show, the bird must firstly win their individual classes at the Show of the Year – these classes can consist of hundreds of pigeons.

All of these class winners are then brought together to be judged as the overall Best in Show. The Best in Show will then go forward to the Supreme Champion Class.

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