Going, going


The pigeon auctions at Blackpool are nearly as famous as the tower itself with pigeon fanciers coming from all over Europe to sell their birds, with some of the money being donated to charity. 

2021 will be no different and we are proud to announce a number of auctions in addition to the Charity auction. 

This year’s Charity auction will be hosted online on the RPRA Auction site from Thursday 7th January, with all other sale rooms being easily accessed from the links below. 

We hope you enjoy using this feature and being connected to some of the best pigeons available in the UK and Europe.

Get in touch

If you have a group of pigeons to sell, or are having a clearance sale, why not contact us to discuss us hosting your sale? Contact us on 01452 713529 or
by email at [email protected]
for more details.