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In 1972 when the first Show was being organised, the question was raised as to how the profits would be distributed in the event of any being made. One of the stewards had a granddaughter who suffered from Spina Bifida, and it was therefore decided that any excess should be donated to the Association for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus (ASBAH, now SHINE). Following the show in 1973, £3000 was donated to them, and they have been beneficiaries from every subsequent show – to date £576,881 has been given.

As the Show became more successful and grew in size it was decided to add Age UK and the British Heart Foundation to the list. At the same time a team of doctors were initiating research into Pigeon Fanciers Lung, and to reflect the importance that the committee attached to the solution to this problem they agreed to offer funding for the research. Following donations to these major beneficiaries, any additional funds were donated to independent charities that submitted bids for funding.

Since 1973 almost £3,000,000 has been donated to charities throughout the country. We have maintained our list of main beneficiaries, but tried to distribute the remainder to local charities, where the funding would have the most impact. Many of these have been nominated by pigeon fanciers themselves, and we have tried to react to specific priorities within the sport through donations to ‘The Raptor Alliance’ and on four occasions to Young Fanciers funding.

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