Show of the Year Update

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Show of the Year Update

At the last Show meeting, the committee reviewed the 2022 Show and discussed the arrangements for 2023 and the steps required to both assure the Show a future, as well as maintaining its prime function of providing a focus for fanciers during the winter months and donating funds to charitable causes.

Over the past two years, due to factors that have affected all activities relating to the pigeon sport, due to restrictions on gatherings, the show transferred to a virtual status in 2021, and in 2022 the last minute outbreak of the Omicron Covid variant dramatically reduced attendance by both visitors and trade stands. This was compounded by Avian Influenza, unfortunately restricting a number of fanciers showing their birds. These factors had a detrimental effect on the finances of the show for the year; however, the committee maintained their belief that in both years the correct course of action was taken, and in the long term the show will be stronger for both experiences.

Prior to 2021 it had become apparent that our policy of holding prices was affecting our ability to maintain the financial status of the show, and at a point where we had to act to secure its future. Increasing costs and reducing numbers were effecting our ability to maintain the standard which had been maintained over the years; penning fees were not keeping up with costs and the prize money on offer; and the price of gala evening tickets was not keeping pace with the level of entertainment offered, together with entry to the show and trade stand prices falling behind the level of increasing costs.

For these reasons the committee decided that action needed to be taken and prices had to be increased for the 2023 Show. We would have preferred such increases to be introduced more gradually, but the last two years have not enabled us to do that. Hence to counter the ever-increasing costs of running the show, entry to the show will be £9 for Saturday and £7 for Sunday, with the current concessions being maintained, and trade stands prices will increase. To counter the increasing rift between the level of prize money together with the cost of pen hire with the cost of entering birds, rather than reduce the prize money, the committee decided to increase these fees to £3 per bird. Tickets for the Gala Evening will also increase to £20 per ticket.

The committee regret having to implement these increases in charges but believe that they remain at a level which will enable us to maintain our ability to fulfil the principle objective of making the show accessible to all, whilst consolidating the future of the Show.

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