Ladies Charity Stall aids Mountain Rescue Search Dogs

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Ladies Charity Stall aids Mountain Rescue Search Dogs

The ladies charity stall at the 2023 Show of the Year raised £610 for local charitable causes. As it was run by Meryl Blacklock (Cumbria) and Carol Gardener (Wales), it was agreed that the amount would be divided equally between those two regions.

The image shows Meryl Blacklock (l) and Beverley Bowman, stewardess of the Union Jack Club in Workington, handing over cheques totalling £400 to Mike from the Lake District Mountain Rescue Search Dogs, assisted by his dog Marty. The amount was made up of £305 from the Show of the Year, £40 from the Workington Victoria Flying Club, and £55 from the members of the Union Jack Club.

Mike wished to pass on his thanks to all concerned.

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