BHW Show Stewards Keep the show spirit alive.

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BHW Show Stewards Keep the show spirit alive.

It was great to see that covid did not totally spoil the party for our dedicated stewards today as they was still able to meet up virtually on zoom.

As you all know the show has many people to thank for th esmoth running of the show and these are the people we see in the white coats keeping the shoe show running along smoothly. From watering the pigeons to directing people around the show these men and ladies do a grand job.

“It was important that we was still able to do something”

“We meet up every year at Blackpool and we felt that if we could not go to the show then this year the show will come to us”

quoted David Trippett Show Chairman.

Many of the stewards in question have been at the show for many years and it is always so nice to catch up with old friends. We are hoping that this is just a one off however it was really nice to see everyone even if it was in miniature form on a computer screen.

We are really looking forward to welcoming everyone back next year where we can all catch up for time lost this January.

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