A message from the past!

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A message from the past!

Earlier this week we had reports that a message from WW1 had been found. Now you would have thought that this was a rare find and was the result of old papers being discovered. No this note was found in its original capsule and not only that it was found in a field in France!

The message was written by a Prussian Soldier and would have been originally attached to the leg of a carrier pigeon. The message is from an infantry soldier based at Ingersheim. It detailed military manoeuvres and was addressed to a superior officer, Dominique Jardy, curator of the Linge Museum at Orbey in eastern France based at one of the bloodiest battles of the first world war. The museum enlisted a German friend of Ms Jardy to help decrypt the message and found that it reads:

“Platoon Potthof receives fire as they reach the western border of the parade ground, platoon Potthof takes up fire and retreats after a while.

Fechtwald half a platoon was disabled. Platoon Potthof retreats with heavy losses.”

The date is unclear but experts looking into this find are saying that it looks to date back to 1916 over 104 years since it was found by a French couple on their daily walk.

“It is a super rare discovery” said Ms Jardy from the Museum at Orbey. 

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